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Debbie Louis

I plan, design and produce customized weddings and events as well as provide impactful leadership training to women & youth to gain productivity in their lives.

I inspire women & youth to equip themselves for impactful changes to their life through.

I’ve been on an amazing journey that I now take people like you on! Seven years ago I graduated college and didn’t know what I wanted to do. I acquired a masters degree with a speciality in leadership. That propelled me into teaching leadership, power and motivation at my alma mater while running A La Mode Weddings & Events, which is now a successful planning and design company. This was so filling for me but I felt as if this is just not enough! I acquired another online wedding company and then propelled into developing my personal brand.

I wanted to teach women & youth how to develop an intentional career path, their lives and how to do it while being impactful.

I wanted to teach women & youth how to develop an intentional career path, their lives and how to do it while being impactful.


I help women and youth move forward and make things happen

Without having to compromise on your goals, your values, and your passion.

I help women craft their unique positions in their businesses or at their jobs

More joy, more fulfillment, more intentionality, and more successes clients along the way.

I help women & youth find clarity, focus, and direction

By helping you to listen to yourself and find the drive that is embedded on the inside.

I equip women & youth to gain the useful tools needed to be a leader

By creating impactful ideas, stories, and conversations through seminars, workshops or training programs.

I help women & youth move regain faith in themselves

By moving past fear and thinking about the most important parts of who you are and how to start your journey.

I help women & youth build their lifestyle

By choosing the things that bring you joy, establishing self care, finding your unique voice, & learning more about who and what you like.

My clients hire me when they’re ready to be productive and find their purpose.

My mission is to help my clients find their why & their what!

Leadership & Productivity


Providing leadership training


Team building excersices


Sharing of resources, processes and strategies


Training for productivity and communication


Building leaders in respect niches


Organizational development training


Venue or organization consulting


Meeting skills


Project planning techniques


Goal setting and implementing

Planning & Design

You have the idea, and we have the plan. It starts with initial consultation, from there we build your story in our storytelling meeting.
My team and I work to help develop your brand, your ideas and overall concept of your personalized wedding or event.

Speaker & Consultant

With my background in psychology & leadership, I have built a plarform where I help my clients to find their purpose and establish a plan in completing that mission.
Beyond creating personalized events, I use my background in psychology to show how you can best leverage your strengths in building the business you’ve always wanted.




Communicating better than your competitor


How to stand our from your competitor


Meeting skills


Communication enhancement skills


Goal setting


Living out your dreams


How to build productivity


Sharing information on how I went from an employee to an EMPLOYER!

Meet Debbie

Debbie Louis-Cesar is a lifestyle leader in the Wedding  & Event Design industry who consults with women, entrepreneurs, youth and small businesses by developing productive and strategic plans of action that will create a pathway for their purpose,  businesses, careers as well as, personal and professional brands. Her focus is not only in the wedding & event industry, with a wholistic approach she is able to assist individuals in any profession or in their personal brand development.

Debbie is the founder & creator of A La Mode Weddings & Events as well as DIY Bride. She initially thought of the business as a “side hustle”, with the passion stemming from a family full of successful entrepreneurs. As her gift & talent grew the business did as well.  Debbie consulted God in this major decision that was about to unfold and the answer was clear, she decided to quit her 9-5!  She wanted to dedicate herself to growing the business, devleoping herself as an entrepreneur and also remain productive as it is easy to lose structure when you set your own schedule.  Debbie began to introduce a different perspective to her platform as she found that the “entrepreneur life” was not as easy as everyone on instagram made it look.  Now, she uses her platform to influence people and entrepreneurs how to balance life, business (work) and family.

Debbie currently possesses a bachelor’s of science degree in Psychology with a minor in english, a Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology with a specialization in Leadership and certifications in Event Design, Event Executive Leadership, Event Planning, and Leadership.


I just wanted to thank you for a great semester. I am not usually one to email the professor too much or to thank them but i feel that your class really helped me overall. I used a lot of the leadership theories I learned in your class in them specially in the first one which was a leadership assignment. The director of my program truly was impressed with my writing and my ideas. I have learned a lot and I will take this knowledge and use it for my future career. Thank you again for sharing with us a little of what you know it definitely made a difference for me. -Jessica

I just want to Thank You for the leadership class. I learned more than I thought. I never realized what was going on in certain experiences, but this class opened my eyes. I feel more prepared for the future and I am more comfortable knowing what to expect in work environments. I thought I was the only one that thought something was going on in certain places at work, but now I get it. I appreciate everything and I am grateful for everything. Thanks. -Mrs. Clark

You are such a great speaker. Every time you spoke during the workshop everything in me was ready to learn from you. -Cass

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